Welcome to Roxby Downs Child Care Centre




Operating Hours

Monday - 6:30am til 6:00pm
Tuesday - 6:30am til 6:00pm
Wednesday - 6:30am til 6:00pm
Thursday - 6:30am til 6:00pm
Friday - 6:30am til 6:00pm


About Us

Roxby Downs Child Care Centre is a non for profit service.   The centre is run by a Parent Management Committee, which is elected at the AGM, held each year.


The staff are represented by the Director and one elected staff member, staff elects their own representative.


The Roxby Downs Child Care Centre has been operating in a full time capacity since July 1990 and was first licensed in September 1992.


At Roxby Downs Child Care Centre we provide a curriculum based on the Early Years Learning Framework. 


Our curriculums are play based, which allow children to grow and learn in an environment which is most comfortable for them. 


Our educators focus on children's strengths and interests to provide them with experiences that allow them to succeed as the youngest members of our community.


Roxby Downs Child Care Centre has been rated as Meeting the National Quality Standard.