Roxby Downs Child Care Centre believes that

  • Every child is unique with their own interests, needs, culture and developmental stage. They are competent and capable learners who from birth seek to construct knowledge.

  • Children have greater outcomes when provided with an enabling environment and learn through social interactions and through play. Intentional teaching moments provide opportunity to scaffold children’s learning, which builds on their existing knowledge.

  • Forming respectful supportive relationships with families is crucial. Educators must support families in their parenting role and ensure that they respect their beliefs and values about child rearing.

  • Qualified educators who focus on regular reflection of practice, seek professional development and continuously improve to ensure high quality care

  • Community that supports and values early childhood education.


Therefore, we will:

  • Provide an environment which allows for exploration, research, discovery, inquiry and collaboration.

  • Explore the 7 positive dispositions for learning with children so they can become enthusiastic, curious, committed, persistent, confident, cooperative and reflexive.

  • Document children’s learning and use this to develop a curriculum which scaffolds children’s experiences and ideas. The curriculums use the practices and principle of the Early Years Learning Framework which support children’s learning and development.

  • Educators will learn alongside children, having an understanding that each child is an individual and learn in their own unique way.

  • Communicate and work in partnership with families, supporting, sharing and working alongside one another for the best interest of their children

  • Involve the community with children’s learning, advocating children’s right to an education.

  • Ensure each child has an opportunity to participate in the curriculum and are listened to in all aspects of their wellbeing and learning.

  • Provide educators with multiple opportunities for professional development and support with their personal education.

  • Provide a nurturing environment, with a focus on the ‘Circle of Security’ to ensure children feel safe, secure and supported.

  • Look to the Early Childhood Australia’s Code of Ethics to guide our practice daily.

  • Refer to the National Quality Standards every day to guide practice and continuously work towards excellence using the Quality Improvement Plan.

  • The Early Years Learning Framework guides educators in providing learning opportunities holistically and is used to guide pedagogical practise

  • Provide a safe and wellbeing environment for the children, families & educators, and ensuring Occupational Health and Safety is regarded always.